Extra virgin olive oil IGP Toscano Colline della Lunigiana

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Tuscan Oil Origin Certified "Colline della Lunigiana"

Cold Extraction

Manufacture - 2020/2021

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"IGP Toscano - Colline della Lunigiana"




The Extra virgin olive oil "IGP Toscano - Colline della Lunigiana" is obtained by working exclusively olives of our Territory, which they are squeezed only into 6 hours from harvesting.  The Origin of product is guaranteed from Certified of Consortium for the Protection of Extra virgin olive oil Tuscan, which performs strict controls on all phases of manufacture and on the quality of product.
Thanks to a project dedicated to valorization of our Territory, into the Joint of Fosdinovo, we take care of more 1200 plants from which we extract the olives to give life to this Excellence that is the Extra virgin oliva oil “IGP Toscano – Colline della Lunigiana”.

Ideal with: Bruschette, pinzimonio, fresh vegetables, legumes, soups, grilled meat, baked fishes with aromatic herbs, salad of octopus, grilled roast and shellfish.

Keep it well: Maintain at a temperature between 10 and 20 grades, do not expose to source of direct light or diffused light and to close ermetically the bottle after each utilization.

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