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A creams world: Tomatoes Cream, Artichoke Cream, Blacke and Green Paté, Mayonnaise, Cracker, Oil "Taste Mild", Flour Special for Pizza, Soup

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Package contains:

1 Bott. 0.25 l Extra Virgin Olive Oil  "Taste Mild"

1 Pack 1 kg Flour of Wheat Type "Special for Pizza"

1 Pack 150 g Cracker

1 Jar 180 g Paté of Taggiasche Olives

1 Jar 130 g Paté of Green Olives

1Jar 130 g  Tomatoes Cream

1 Jar 130 g Artichoke Cream

1 Jaro 130 g Mayonnaise with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Pack 500 g Soup


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